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Lithium Complex Soap Grease with Modi

Grease HDM 2 is a multipurpose, lithium complex soap base grease
containing extreme pressure additives and 3% molybdenum disulphide


Suitable for lubrication of the following: 

  • Ball joints
  • CV joints
  • King Pins
  • Universal joints
  • Chasis parts 

Particulatly suited for construction vehicles sich as bull dozers and laoders. Off-highway trucks,

 trailers and farm equipment

Performance Features

  • Operating temperature range of -10C to +130C.
  • Lessens maintenance costs. Effective EP additive protects against component wears under high load conditions.
  • MoS2 continues to lubricate even when grease has been worked out from between sliding surfaces.
  • Reduces downtime. Excellent oxidation resistance ensures longer grease life.
  • Exceptional adhesion to surfaces.
  • Excellent resistance to water wash out. This ensures that bearings operating in wet
               conditions are protected against breakdown due to rust